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Want to get to know Tracy a little more, listen to her on these podcasts.

How Come They Didn't Teach Me That In School? Podcast

Episode 37: How Schools Can Effectively Connect with Students of Separated Parents: Interview with The Split Society
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Data shows that about 50% of marriages end in divorce. This means that 50% of our student population is experiencing, have, or will experience a significant shift in their family dynamics. On this episode, we talk to Tracy Callahan best-selling author, founder of the Split Society, and certified Divorce Coach on how schools can effectively connect and communicate with students of separated parents. Tracy drives home the point that "children experience divorce in the eyes of their parents" and that while conflict is inevitable it is also an opportunity. Tracy provides practical ways how schools can best support students and parents of separation.

Listen here.

Divorce and Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie

How to Find The Divorce Coach You Need to Succeed in Divorce
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Divorce Coaches Academy Podcast

You can catch Tracy each week with her co-host as she teaches other divorce coaches all about the divorce coaching business.
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Listen on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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