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Amongst divorce professionals, January is notoriously dubbed the “Divorce Month”. Although many can

Listen to Tracy on the HowComeTheyDidntPodcast with⁠ Mariah Covington & Dr. Lizz Dexter-Mazza where you'll hear her discussing how schools can help their students who might be struggling with the separation or divorce of their parents.⁠

Tracy tackles:⁠

-how children experience divorce⁠

-how parents can help educators during the divorce process

-what signs to look for⁠ ⁠

-what questions to ask⁠

-what she wishes all schools taught⁠

Dr. Lizz Dexter-Mazza is a psychologist and DBT Skills in Schools social-emotional learning curriculum developer and Mariah Covington is a school-based mental health counselor. Together they address how educators and parents can provide students with a base for building mental wellness and resilience skills now that will carry with them into the future.⁠

When students (it could be half the school based on the statistic that about 50% of marriages end in divorce!) have to deal with conflict and uncertainty at home, on top of their school work and social issues, one can imagine what it does to them.⁠

Do your child a favor and listen to the experts discuss what's best for the children.⁠

It's another way to make sure your separation/divorce does not make your child a victim of divorce.⁠

The Split Society is an amazing and affordable private online group full of emotional and organizational support whether you are thinking about leaving your significant other or spouse, or while you are going through your divorce.⁠

It's not too late to get the help you need, with a divorce professional by your side. Daily access to the Divorce Coach Who Knows, Tracy Callahan, will make all the difference during your divorce process.


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